Sleep Apnea Treatment From Your Dentist: Does It Work?

Sleep Apnea Treatment From Your Dentist: Does It Work?

Posted by MONTPELIER FAMILY DENTISTRY on Jan 13 2014, 05:17 AM

Sleep Apnea Treatment From Your Dentist: Does It Work?

As a Laurel sleep apnea dentist, we can treat obstructive sleep apnea and help you to regain the energy you need to live a full life.  At Montpelier Family Dentistry, we recommend that you visit our dental office if you notice that you no longer have the same energy that you used to. If you feel as though you are tired and sluggish or you have so little energy you cannot stay awake while performing mundane tasks like sitting at the computer or driving a car, it is time to seek treatment right away. Doing so is essential for your health and for your safety since obstructive sleep apnea does increase the risk of driving while tired and getting into an accident. Schedule an appointment with our 20708 dentist office by calling (301) 605-1132.

What causes obstructive sleep apnea?

There are several causes for sleep apnea, but obstructive sleep apnea generally occurs because the lower jaw fell backward while you sleep. As it does, the tongue falls backward as well and it blocks the airways. This prevents you from receiving the quality of oxygen that you need at night because the body is constantly trying to move the tongue and gasping for air. This often leads to loud snoring sounds which could be another sign of obstructive sleep apnea.

How can a Laurel, MD dentist treat my sleep apnea?

At Montpelier Family Dentistry, we can provide you with an oral appliance to wear at night. This is a rather simple device that is small and easy to use. By putting it inside of your mouth, your jaw will remain in the forward position and your tongue will as well. This way your airways will remain open and clear and you'll receive the level of oxygen you need to breathe freely and feel energized the next day. The oral appliance will be created based on measurements and impressions taken of your mouth so that it fits you precisely. Additionally, it is not much larger than a full retainer making it easy to carry and completely portable.  Since it is small and does not make a noise, our patients find it preferable to using a CPAP machine.

Benefits of Visiting a 20708 Dentist to Treat Your Sleep Apnea

#1 Our treatment solution is non-invasive with no surgery or procedures required.

#2 It is affordable to treat your sleep apnea.

#3 You will regain your quality of life by having increased energy.

Visit Montpelier Family Dentistry to Begin Treating Your Sleep Apnea

As a Laurel dentist, we understand how sleep apnea can negatively impact a person's life.  We are here to ensure that you do not have to live with this terrible condition.  By visiting our dental office for an oral appliance, you can begin to take control of your health and your lifestyle.  To schedule your appointment, call (301) 605-1132.

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