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A Family Practice

Can you tell us about your experience working with your daughter these past 10 years?

It's wonderful working with my own daughter these past 10 years. She and I see eye to eye on many things. We think very similarly. Our professional opinions are very similar, but it's just wonderful to have someone who is a partner and your daughter, there with me to get opinions on her viewpoints that might be different from my viewpoint. And it's also great to have her there as a succession plan to continue the practice when I eventually slow down and leave it all completely to her. Patients can be assured that they will have continuity of care in our practice.

How was the transition from dental school to joining the practice for you?

It was great coming out of dental school and not having to worry about residency or GPR or anything like that. I could just come straight into practice and I had my own mentor right here. And I could get one-on-one advice, someone looking over my shoulder, someone who I trusted to tell me what to do and how to do things, maybe how I can improve. So those beginning years were really good for me in that respect.

How has your professional relationship evolved over the years?

As the years went on, now we can kind of collaborate cases. I can get advice from him. Obviously he has a lot more experience than me doing different types of cases than I've done or had experience with, rather than a peer I have a mentor that I can go to. And we can help each other dealing with patient cases, treatment cases, have a second pair of eyes. And I really, really appreciate and enjoy that.

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