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HealthyStart™ is a series of custom-made dental guard appliances worn by children to enable proper growth and development of the jaw and airway and straighten teeth without braces. This series of oral appliances address Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) related symptoms by optimizing jawline and airway breathing. 

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 children get affected by some of the symptoms of SDB. Some of the symptoms of SDB include nightmares, bedwetting, dark circles, snoring, frequent headaches, suspended growth, ADD/ADHD, lower IQ, severe allergies, mouth breathing, daytime drowsiness, restlessness, crooked teeth, etc. When the symptoms of SDB are not obvious, it can sometimes go undiagnosed or untreated and worsen as the child ages. So, it is important to diagnose and address these symptoms at the earliest.

More About HealthyStart® for Children

  • HealthyStart® includes a set of oral appliances fitted with 3D imaging. 
  • Children should wear custom mouthguards for a few hours a day or night when the child sleeps for best results. 
  • Wearing HealthyStart® enables nasal breathing, allowing restful sleep in children. 
  • These oral appliances help in optimizing the child's airway by widening the dental arches and developing their jaw.
  • Besides addressing SDB, HealthyStart® oral appliances also straighten the child's teeth and correct bite by developing the child's jaw. 
  • HealthyStart® helps in attaining a permanently positioned dentition in children with no relapse and prevents the occurrence of TMJ.

How Does HealthStart™'s Early Orthodontics Help? 

The HealthyStart™ appliance helps in addressing the following problems in children:

  • Underbite or overbite
  • Gummy smile
  • Crossbite and open bite
  • Thumb sucking
  • Snoring
  • Mouth breathing
  • Deviated swallow

Thus, HealthyStart® dental appliances impact the child's oral and overall health in several ways and create healthier children who can benefit from well-aligned teeth, improved breathing, and good sleep.

How Does The  HealthyStart® System Work?

The HealthyStart® System includes a set of oral appliances that an expert customizes as per the child's requirements and condition, age, and the issues to be addressed. 

As per various studies, oxygen deprivation is a major contributing factor to SDB and related consequences. The HealthyStart® system helps properly grow and develop the child's jaw and airway, thus optimizing airflow. It also expands the dental arches to make enough space for the emerging teeth. To correct the teeth misalignment, the system's soft, removable oral devices work with tooth eruption's natural forces and gently guide the erupting teeth into their perfect alignments. 

Do you think your child exhibits the symptoms of SDB? Visit our Dentist in Laurel MD at Montpelier Family Dentistry for the correct diagnosis and treatment. 


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