3D CT Scan

When is the purpose of using a 3D CT Scan?

We utilize 3D dental imaging for certain reasons like to determine root canal issues, dental cavities, and, very importantly, dental implant surgery. 

Through these images, the Dentist in Laurel MD can get a better view of the anatomical structure of patients and determine treatments accordingly.

In the dental field, these scans are also used for the following purposes:

  • Find the location of nerves
  • Locate exact position to place implants
  • Check the situation of impacted teeth
  • Create an entire surgical treatment plan
  • Measure the jawbone density 
  • Diagnose and check tumors

What are the Benefits of using this Scanner? 

The main benefits of using this technology are:

Provides accurate images

CBCT imaging helps in providing accurate and precise imaging with a high-quality resolution. It becomes easy for the dentist to mark the exact location to be treated. 

Scan in No Time

You can check the instant result of the scans taken, which are captured in just a single rotation.

Good-Quality Images

In order to look into the affected area, the high-quality images from CBCT Scanner are of great help. 

The dentist can clearly look into your nerves, infections, etc. Thus, the dentist can determine the best dental treatment for you accordingly.

Do You Need a CT-Scan for Dental Implants?

Using a 3D CT scan for dental implants is useful because of the accurate image. They help pinpoint the exact place where the implant has to be placed and then create a detailed treatment. These scans also let your dentist find the perfect angle where the dental implants should go.

Taking a looking at Panoramic X-rays

We also utilize panoramic X-Rays in case a 2D image of the mouth is required. They are used to prepare patients for dental procedures, dentures, braces, extractions.

We will offer you a lead apron to protect the other parts of your body from radiation. If you are pregnant, notify your dentist about it before getting an x-ray.

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