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A perfect smile is a necessity that not only boosts your confidence but also creates a lasting impression on people. Stained and yellow teeth often affect the appearance of your smile, thus making you feel self-conscious. Teeth whitening is a procedure that whitens and brightens your teeth to regain your lost confidence. This cosmetic dental procedure is increasing in terms of popularity worldwide.

You may schedule an appointment with us for this non-invasive procedure that finishes within a single visit only.

What Makes Your Teeth Discolored?

Your teeth may become stained or discolored because of the accumulation of plaque and tartar on their surface. Many other reasons, too, lead to staining your teeth, like excessive consumption of tobacco, eating acidic fruits and vegetables, excessive use of fluoride, childhood disease or illness, and trauma to your teeth.

Teeth discoloration is also the result of the consumption of various medications.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

  • Professional teeth whitening doesn’t depend on the replacement options like veneers or crowns. It solely concentrates on improving the appearance of your existing teeth.
  • A discolored or stained smile not only makes you feel conscious but appear older too. Professional teeth whitening makes you look younger.
  • The pearly white smile is easy to maintain. Professional teeth whitening is an affordable procedure suitable for all. 
  • As the accumulation of plaque, tartar and other substances is removed from the surface of your teeth, it also improves your overall oral health.

How is Professional Teeth Whitening Performed?

The procedure is quick and easy and completes in 30-40 minutes only. We start with applying a gel containing hydrogen peroxide on the surface of your teeth. We will keep the gel for some time and then rinse it. If your teeth are badly stained, we may use laser instruments on your teeth so that they absorb this gel effectively.

During the entire procedure, we will put a rubber dam in your mouth so that your gums and other soft tissues of your mouth are covered, and only the teeth are exposed. We will rinse your mouth after some time. The results are immediate and promising.

After the session, we will also offer you whitening trays containing some amount of hydrogen peroxide gel. Use these trays regularly to maintain your pearly white smile. We will also recommend you maintain proper oral hygiene to remove the build-up of unwanted substances from the surface of your teeth.

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