Missing Teeth Replacement: Why It’s Important and Your Options

Missing Teeth Replacement: Why It’s Important and Your Options

Posted by MONTPELIER FAMILY DENTISTRY on May 9 2017, 09:53 PM

Missing Teeth Replacement: Why It’s Important and Your Options

Missing teeth can present a lot of problems for a person but there is hope. A lot of people think that their missing teeth can’t be replaced but that is far from the truth. As dentistry has progressed significantly, there are a few different ways to replace teeth that are missing.

Replacing missing teeth is extremely important to one’s health and in this article, we will discuss why it is important and what options people have if they need replacement teeth! Being aware of the importance and the available options can help someone who isn’t sure what to do about their missing teeth. 

Missing tooth replacement

Why it’s important

When a person has a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, they are likely to experience difficulties with eating naturally as well as with smiling confidently. Chewing will become difficult as food may get stuck in the empty spaces or a person may have to use their gums to chew which will only do damage later on. One’s confidence may be lowered as a missing tooth isn’t all that glamorous. Having an artificial tooth placed will ensure that one can eat naturally and smile without anxiety.

A missing tooth likely means that a person’s bare gums are exposed which can make them prone to disease and infections. Having the missing tooth replaced with a dental appliance will ensure that the gums remain healthy and free of bacteria.

Replacing a missing tooth can also help eliminate any pain or discomfort that was caused by the tooth. The gums or surrounding area may experience discomfort which could indicate a further problem. Having an artificial tooth placed will help the mouth adjust back to normal.

Replacement options

Partial or full dentures

If someone has multiple teeth missing then a great replacement option to consider is that of dentures. Dentures are offered in both full or partial pieces and a dentist can help determine which is best. These custom-created dental appliances allow a person to chew normally without the fear of using their gums as teeth. Dentures can also provide someone with a confident smile.

Dental implants

As dentistry has progressed greatly, another option for replacing missing teeth is that of dental implants. These are surgical components that act as the entire tooth structure. The implant will be placed within the jawbone and then it will naturally bond. Later on, the dentist will place an artificial tooth and attach it to the implant.

Replacing missing teeth can provide a variety of benefits to someone who is in need. While it may not seem necessary to replace the missing teeth, it is actually vital in order to maintain some aspects of one’s oral and dental health. Talking with a dentist about replacement options and the importance can help as well.

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